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A climbing gym scales up—with viral potential

May 24, 2019



This video is part of the Small Business Ad Academy, a series that offers timely advice on marketing and social media for small businesses, presented by Chase Ink.

Social media has played a critical role for Brooklyn Boulders since it was founded—in fact, the company wouldn't exist today without the help of social platforms.

"We started with a Facebook group called 'New York City Needs a Rock Climbing Gym,' and we saw about 300 people join the group overnight," says Brooklyn Boulders co-founder Lance Pinn. "Then, when we were starting to build the space out, we sought help from that online community. Hundreds of people came to help build our original facility."

Today, eight years, and three additional locations—in Boston, Chicago and New York—later, Brooklyn Boulders is thriving with its "unique blend of community-focused climbing, fitness, art and events." Co-founders Jeremy Balboni and Pinn continue to focus on social media as a key aspect of their marketing strategy—and have discovered a knack for creating content ripe for going viral.

Brooklyn Boulders' own most viral video was a guest in a Tyrannosaurus rex suit exploring the space and trying his hands at climbing that has generated more than 315,000 collective views.

"It was eye-catching—it really popped, and people started sharing it all over the place. Engage with people in a way they'll want to share with others," says Pinn.

"Engage with people in a way they'll want to share with others."

Lance Pinn