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Is your business protected? These tips will help you get a lock on security

How to prepare your business against potential threats


Meredith Turits

| Dec 05, 2019

You know that saying about how it's better to be proactive than reactive? That couldn't be more relevant to the security of your small business. Credit card disputes, password breaches and other complex issues can be nightmarish for revenues and consumer trust—and can cost you a lot of cash, too.

However, becoming a vigilant entrepreneur typically doesn't cost a cent. Learning how to spot fishy activities can save you from headaches and reactive spending. Consider putting in place some simple safeguards for your company, starting with strong security policies.

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5 must-have policies to protect your business

Protecting your business begins with creating a framework for your employees on matters including time tracking and conduct. It doesn't matter how many workers you employ, either. These policies aren't difficult to implement, and they'll be foundational to your company's safety.

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5 key ways to help small businesses avoid disputes

Credit card disputes or chargebacks can be a huge, costly problem for small businesses. By understanding why some consumers dispute charges, you can make improvements to potentially lessen the number of chargebacks you experience.

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The 5 best ways to spot—and thwart—credit card fraud

Credit card fraud can feel inevitable. You may be surprised to learn, though, that you can take steps to both identify fraud when it's happening and prevent openings to commit fraud in the first place.

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How to boost cybersecurity for your small business

Your business needs to be thinking about cybersecurity, full stop. No one is entirely safe from digital criminals, so find out what you can do to safeguard your company information.