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They love working at Chase Card Services. Here's why

Making customers' buying experiences easier motivates these Chase team members.


Poornima Apte

| May 07, 2018

May 07, 2018      

Updated: 05/10/18

The following article is part of "The Team Behind," a series presented by JPMorgan Chase that aims to showcase the many roles and opportunities within Chase Consumer & Community Banking.

Say you're out shopping for groceries on a busy Sunday afternoon. You're hoping the self-checkout lane will be quick and easy. The last thing you need is your credit card holding you up. Or what if you're really into new dining and travel experiences, but your credit card only offers movie tickets as rewards?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a credit card tailored precisely to the way you shop and to your interests? Turns out, you can—and Lischele Knight and Zheng (John) Wang are focused on delivering just that. Lischele and John have built their marketing careers at Chase by keeping a pulse on the ways customers shop. And by using their data analytics and marketing strengths to anticipate and fulfill customer needs, they make every experience with the company's suite of credit cards a seamless one.

Behind the curtain of Card Services

As the #1 credit card issuer in the United States, it's little wonder that Chase's Card Services team is robust in size and scope. Because Card Services provide solutions and support to both individual consumers and small businesses in addition to large corporations and institutions, and even governments, the Card Services team has to continuously anticipate, monitor and respond to a diverse range of customer needs and wants. The desire to make customers' buying experiences easier is the connective tissue that holds together this team's many day-to-day tasks.


John Wang, Vice President, Marketing Analytics, Card Services

Applying data analytics to consumer credit cards

John is a Marketing Analytics Vice President in Card Services at Chase. He is focused on using data analytics to understand the customer and competition and enhancing the customer's experience with credit cards - from the moment of application to the usage stage. Always interested in the financial services industry, John studied finance and statistics and joined Chase right after graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Working with leadership teams in card services has helped me make a difference and it's why I love working in this division at Chase."

- John Wang

Chase's customer-focused obsession motivates John to keep customer needs front and center as he analyzes customer behaviors and the credit card market and tailors credit card solutions. For example, John uses his analytical and market research skills to analyze the current competitive card market structure, ranging from premium travel cards like Sapphire Reserve to every day cash back cards like Freedom, and provides actionable insights and recommendations to further enhance customer experience, meet customer needs, and drive long-term business growth.

"One of the key focuses at Chase is innovation. That means constantly looking at our customers' needs, and researching the market to identify growth opportunities. Working with leadership teams in Card Services has helped me make such a difference."


Lischele Knight, Vice President, Marketing Manager, Slate

Crunching big data for customer insights

Lischele Knight also knows a thing or two about making a difference. Raised in Hempstead, New York, Knight went to school at Loyola University in Maryland and worked at a health care communications agency before making the move to Chase.

Now a Vice President, Marketing Manager, Lischele is a member of the marketing team for the Slate credit card. Slate, she says, is a card for "customers with a positive outlook toward credit use and those looking to take ownership of their financial life." Lischele uses market research to continuously enhance the Slate product. 2018, she hints, will hold some exciting "new features that will differentiate Slate" from other credit cards that do not offer rewards – though she's not quite ready to give a spoiler by hinting at what those features might be. Much like John, Lischele also uses big data to figure out what customers might be looking for.

Opportunities for career mobility

Lischele, who is celebrating five years at Chase in card services and a year with the Slate team, loves the mobility and opportunity for growth. "Even during this short period of time, I have taken on new roles and responsibilities. It has been exciting and a key factor for keeping me engaged," Lischele says. "I quickly realized that building relationships was critical to driving success at JPMorgan Chase," she adds. John agrees. "Working at Chase provides great opportunities to connect with your colleagues and build long-term relationships, which definitely plays a crucial role in career development," he points out.

Shaving seconds off of a credit card application process or a store transaction might not be a big deal in the larger scheme of things, but they're still vital components of the customer credit card experience, John points out.

Think about that the next time you swipe your credit card at the grocery store checkout.