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Manage your business

Be a better business owner with this risk and insurance roundup


Meredith Turits

| Mar 15, 2019

Updated: 04/30/19

If you learn how to make the right moves with risk assessment and insurance, you can position yourself to keep your doors open—even when you experience the unexpected. And, sure, risk assessment and insurance may not be the most "glamorous" parts of running your own business. But the reality of being an entrepreneur is that there are plenty of small details that go into running your company—and keeping it going, too.

Preparing your business for unexpected events

Putting a plan in place for unexpected scenarios—such as death, divorce or other unforeseen events—may sound morbid, but it's one of the smarter things you can do when running your business. Protect yourself, your assets and anyone else who might be affected.

How to manage risk at your small business

Some business risks can pay off big—but the best risk is a calculated one. Know how you can evaluate and manage risk as an entrepreneur.

Managing health care costs as a small business

Providing health care coverage isn't easy, especially if you run a very small firm. Although plans can get pricey, you can take advantage of strategies to lower your costs as a small business owner.