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Grow your business

Ryan Estis' expert tips to create a remarkable business culture

Business growth advice from the Chase Business Insights Seminar speaker.


Meredith Turits

| Mar 29, 2019

Mar 29, 2019



As a Chase Business Insights Seminar speaker, Ryan Estis has educated many on the merits of becoming "obsessed" with your customer and employee culture to make your company stand out. Although this notion might seem odd at first blush, it's an effective strategy to help your business grow, flourish and excel.

Estis says obsession is all about creating an incredible, memorable environment in which customers feel passionate about patronizing, and top employees feel passionate about working. In his Chase for Business series Culture Imperative, the sales and leadership expert walks you through the stories of business owners who've created remarkable business cultures where people want to shop and work.

Learn how to create lasting change in your organization, build irresistible consumer experiences, create talent-seeking teams and forge a future on your terms.

Future Maker Image

Want to forge the future of your industry? Embrace disruption

The "Future Maker" doesn't just react to changes in their business environment—they take responsibility for making the future happen. If you want to be a part of building the future, then learn how to disrupt your habits, processes and biases.

competition image

Customers crave the remarkable—can you compete?

Almost every single business out there has competition. So, how do you stand out to your customers? You create an experience so memorable that they'd never dream of shopping anywhere else.

stave off attrition image

How to recruit and keep top performers

Employee turnover for any small business can be paralyzing to an organization's success. If you create a talent-seeking culture, however, you can be ready to fill any empty seats—and help stave off attrition from your top performers.